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Hailing from the sleepy, Appalachian rustbelt town of Weirton, West Virginia, Mark Rice has always been a man of music. Since high school, Rice has written and performed his finely crafted acoustic melodies; simple, uncomplicated, intimate reflections on struggles for redemption, hunger for love, and a longing for home. He has performed for audiences in churches, bars, coffee shops, and music festivals, where listeners instantly respond to Rice’s relaxed and inviting tone. His music is Earthy, his voice gentle and resonant, and his lyrics archetypal and personal at the same time. In 2009, Rice released his debut studio album, Topography of a Bird. A mixture of introspective poetry and carefree, open-road anthems, Topography has gone on to receive praise and acclaim across the country, with critics casting it in the traditions of Ray LaMontagne, Sam Beam, and Nebraska-era Springsteen.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Mark Rice

PC010 - released December 2009

CD - $5

Topography of a Bird

Mark Rice

PC008 - released April 2009

CD -        $10

DDL -      $8


Photo by Matthew Wright  |  Fig Tree Photography

“Great album. It's clean yet raw and completely truthful - in so many good ways. Relatable and convicting. Great for driving, walking and hanging out. Can't wait to see what's next for this small-town hero.”

- Enamored (customer review)