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The Keystone Swingbillies

PC011 - Expected to release June, 2014

CD      $10

DDL    $5     


You may go your entire life and never hear a band like the Keystone Swingbillies.  They churn out an electrifyingly high energy, swinging version of old time country music that is quite rare in today’s modern listening world.  The four musicians and friends get their unique flavor from the nearly seven years they spent together touring with a Johnny Cash and June Carter tribute show where they came across many of these songs and the artists who popularized them.  The appreciation they acquired for early twentieth century americana roots music, they bring to this group with a modern zeal to share and to sustain it for generations to come.

Two of the songs sung by Mia Johnson, Juke Box Blues and Wildwood Flower, were songs she performed as June Carter. One other song, It’s My Lazy Day, actually written by Gene Autry’s guitarist and fellow songwriter, Smiley Burnette, was a song that June and the Carter Sisters adapted and performed as a sketch on the Grand Ole Opry in the Sixties.

The first of the three sung by Dave Young, It Don’t Pay to Advertise, written and recorded by Louis Innis, was found in a box of old 45s  the guys dug through while listening to vinyl one afternoon.  Beer Bottle Mama, written and recorded in the early 20th century by the 101 Ranch Boys from nearby York, PA, captured a particular interest by Young, who is also an avid home brewer.  Finally, no band of this genre would be worth it’s salt if they did not attempt the challenging work of the great Lefty Frizzell.  Always Late (with Your Kisses), which has been performed by many other artists offers an opportunity for Young to fancy himself a vocalist.

Across the board, The Keystone Swingbillies self-titled debut album demonstrates the four musicians love for this era of music as well as their ability to convey these classic songs with infectious energy without sacrificing the integrity of these era-specific songs.